Hybrid Blockchain Tech Firm XinFin Joins Hands With Tavala.com For Boosting Digital Transformation

Over time, virtual currency is integrating into our lives as it is becoming a reliable and convenient financial tool for the sake of trading, investing, and even for payment solutions. Recently, the world’s renowned and epic traveling firm named Travala.com has joined hands with eXchange inFinite (XinFin) for payment solutions and to boost up the trend of digital transformation.

XinFin is a well-known and well-established hybrid enterprise blockchain technology best compatible with global finance and trade. On the 20th of May, 2021, XinFin declared the newly developed partnership with Travala.com in order to cope with the payment solution around the globe using XinFin’s token XDC over the platform of Travala.com.

This partnership would entertain people to adopt the innovative payment method using tech-based tokens to ease the payment for the travel and tourism industry around the world. This drive would use XinFin blockchain technology and its token XDC for payments aimed to expand the digital transformation by initiating by the Travala.com platform, which is deeply rooted in the world by means of traveling and tourism industry. It is important to note that Travala.com has opted for this particular source as XinFin is supported by XDC protocol which is a significantly reliable and secure network.

How would this collaboration benefit the customer?

XinFin is a high-performance and highly secured blockchain technology that recently joined hands with the world’s prominent crypto-friendly traveling agency named Travala.com, which is spread across the world. Billy Adam, the Director at XinFin, shared that purpose of this collaboration is to entertain the community to experience and explore the world by means of digitized payment methods in the form of owned XDC coin. Holders of XDC coins would be able to book more than 2.2 million hotels, over 40,000 leisure activities, 600 airlines across 230 countries of the world.

More interestingly, XDC holders can enjoy better traveling experiences at the cheaper fair in a reliable way, and for the payment module, XinFin will incorporate the corporate account of Travala.com. Moreover, XinFin will entertain customers to save more than 40% over Travala.com platform than any other traveling and tourism platform.

Current Market Status of XDC

XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) is the native token/virtual asset of the eXchange inFinite (XinFin) network based on hybrid-blockchain technology. XDC was fundamentally developed to support the smart contracts, 2 seconds transaction time, 2000TPS, Know-Your-Customer Policy, and Green Coin. Right now, the XDC coin is resting at 100th place in the CoinMarketCap concerning Market Capitalization and trading at the worth price of $0.063 with the overall/collective trading volume of $7,383,047.18 over the last 24 hours.