Health Benefits When Medicine And Metaverse Come Together

As mental health conditions continuously keep declining, what would happen when the online world comes together with medicine in Metaverse?

As non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, blockchain platforms, the Metaverse, and many other virtual communities are becoming popular the world is getting more interconnected. Although, we are also noticing the increase in depression rates, loneliness, and feelings of being isolated. This change is definitely not usual, but it is something to keep in mind as the new generations are getting more and more connected with digital spaces. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has worsened the mental health emergency in the country. As per Mental Health America reports 47.1 million U.S. citizens which means one in every five individuals are suffering from mental health illness.

These figures may sound disturbing, but through the latest treatments progress has been made inside and outside of the virtual world. Would you think about logging into your computer and meeting your crypto verified medical consultant or physiotherapist? What about receiving your medical prescription at your doorstep? For so many young individuals surprisingly it is more convenient in the virtual world, in the gathering of peers and attended by the avatar of their own choice.

Well, how could such dream become a reality? It will start with innovative nature. Medical consultants with the help of research have been analyzing fungi’s medicinal world and its ability of healing and regenerate. Throughout billions of years fungi have been a fundamental part of the planet and for its well-being, and we’ve just begun to understand the mind-blowing effects of specific fungi could have on the mental health of a human. Since psychoactive research is now being appreciated and in practice is a big win of the medical field.

In addition to this great news, there is exciting development about the Metaverse. Group therapy and psychoeducational programs are developed in virtual reality by Dr. Muir, focusing on meeting the patients at their locations and supporting them most securely. One possible way to accomplish this is by the use of an avatar representing both the doctors and the patients.

According to Dr. Muir, the environment of healthcare is changing by the use of metaverse and blockchain technology for building trust among its patients.