Google Warns Miners are Using Hacked Cloud Accounts for Crypto Mining

A new report published by Google Inc. regarding the compromised accounts has painted the crypto market in a bad light. The report suggests that the hackers and underground cyber trackers have been using Google-based accounts to perform illegal crypto mining operations. It is interesting to note that the accounts used by the hackers are dubbed as compromised.

The report was issued by Google Cloud in the interest of public information and education. The report has been named the Threat Horizons, and it has started a new debate among people around the world. The report has suggested that the underground cyber technicians are using the cloud resources offered by Google to generate profits through crypto mining.

The report from Google Inc. suggests that the major cause of these hackers being able to get hold of active cloud account is the lack of strong passwords. The report suggested that as much as 86% of the total compromised Google cloud accounts are dedicated to conducting illegal cryptocurrency mining.

The illicit crypto mining operations have become a trade and started to function as an organized business model. The hackers are working in tandem and have dedicated 10% of the compromised accounts to look for the networks that have a weak security setup. The Google Corporation also pointed out that another 8% of the compromised accounts are active attackers to take hold of these live options.

Hackers are Operating from Russia and North Korea to Launch Attacks on Cloud-Based Accounts

The researchers are Google Inc. have claimed that the hackers are working with the backup provided by the Russian government. The report alleged that a hacking group called APT28 with another alias Fancy Bear is behind the recent Google Cloud attacks. The Fancy Bear hacking team attacked 12K Google accounts with phishing messages that trick the account holders into giving up their log-in credentials.

The company also pointed out another hacking group hailing from North Korea that is operating with the backing of the government. The group has been active in creating fake job postings for Samsung and fooling the applicants from South Korea. The technical experts from Google advise people to use strong passwords and incorporate strict security protocols like two-factor verification to avoid being targeted by hackers.