Famous Rapper Busta Rhymes Claims He Is Holding BTC

American Rapper Busta Rhymes seems to have gained a lot of interest in the world of cryptocurrency and is now hoping to get paid in the crypto king as well.

Growing Interest

Not some time ago, the rapper showed curiosity about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in his tweet on Twitter. In response, hundreds of fans shared information about various forms of cryptocurrencies and how the industry works. Surprised by the amazing responses, Busta Rhymes then asked his fans about what coins are currently the best to work with. The rapper’s curiosity levels increased even more.

Support from Big Names

In order to assist the popular rapper in understanding crypto better, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, started to guide Busta Rhymes to other websites involving black hosts. Following that, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy also gave directions to Busta Rhymes about his information center, named Bitcoin is Hope.

Busta Rhymes responded with great appreciation to all the help and support he got and has now developed a great deal of interest in the world of cryptocurrencies. The rapper started sharing his opinions about cryptocurrency prices and trends via his social media accounts. The rapper’s interest levels went so far that he started to recommend teaching about cryptocurrencies in schools so that this new generation knows about what is trending in the financial sector worldwide.

Bitcoin all the way

After his study and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, Busta Rhymes has now decided that he is settled on Bitcoin. Busta Rhymes also tweeted that he is looking forward to being paid for shows and other dealings in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Inspired by the B-word conference he saw, the rapper has now confirmed that he holds Bitcoin. But the story doesn’t end here, as the rapper also mentioned that he has plans to get into Ethereum as well, highlighting that he is definitely on the right track.

Growing Adoption

Many other celebrities, such as Lionel Messi, are also getting part of their salaries in cryptocurrencies, so this is not something that is new to the crypto scene. However, this does indicate that the level of cryptocurrency adoption rate among popular celebrities and companies doesn’t have any plans to drop in the coming time.