December 26 Price Analysis – BTC, ETH, AVAX, and LINK

  • The global cryptocurrency market printed an optimistic trend, gaining 0.06% within 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin’s performance highlights hope, following a 0.27% uptick within the previous day.
  • ETH maintained bearishness as it lost 0.08% overnight.
  • Chainlink and Avalanche present bullishness, gaining 1.12% and 0.60%, respectively.

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a performance shift over the past few hours. Bitcoin and other digital coins indicate capital increase within the space. On the other hand, Ethereum has printed fluctuating gains, impacting its performance. However, the positive atmosphere will strengthen the asset amid market fluctuations. Indeed, Christmas eve saw an increased capital influx.

Meanwhile, French investors sued the exchange Binance for over 2.4M euros in losses. Binance Holdings Ltd and Binance France face the law for fraudulent concealment and misleading commercial practices. Local media reports confirm that around 15 individuals have approached the court.

The investors filed the claim on December 14, stating that the exchange breached French regulations by promoting & distributing cryptocurrency services before obtaining certification from the nation’s authorities. The French regulator licensed Binance in May this year (2022).

The certificate allowed the exchange to offer investment services such as cryptocurrency trading and asset custody. Meanwhile, the complainant has a screenshot showing the Binance advertisement screenshot.

They include Binance French – a Telegram channel. Moreover, the plaintiffs claimed they suffered losses amounting to 2.4 million euros following Terra’s debacle, while Binance stated it was USD-backed. Let us explore what Bitcoin and others saw.

Bitcoin Turns Bullish

The latest updates show BTC attempting an uptick to overcome $17K – a move that might catalyze a speedy recovery. Previous data shows an uptick past $17K, and closing beyond $17.2K will welcome an upside move for the leading crypto. The latest Bitcoin moves show hope, with investors staying bullish on the crypto.

The recent data indicate that Bitcoin gained 0.27% within the past day. Moreover, 7-day stats confirmed a 1.23% increase for the asset. Bitcoin price hovered at around $16,889.73 during this writing. Its market cap stood at approximately $325,014,484,799 and $12,276,226,631 24hr trading volume.

Ethereum Explores Losses

ETH-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the OpenSea marketplace have registered the highest sales volume in a month. The volume remained elevated since May, though it stayed notably lower than last year. The sales increase confirms that the market boasts the capability to draw participants.

Ethereum’s performance has been low because of increased selling strength. The recent data indicates that the alt lost 0.08% within the previous day. Meanwhile, ETH gained 3.48% over the past seven days, trading at $1,221.17 during this writing. ETH’s market cap hovers at $39,060,604,478, whereas the daily trading volume stood at $311,190,330.

Avalanche Continues Upside

Avalanche performance continues to the upside amid ‘extended’ growth. The latest stats show the alternative token gained 0.60% within a day. AVAX dropped 1.05% since last week. While publishing this content, AVAX traded near $11.75. Its market cap wavered at $3,660,331,003, while AVAX’s 24hr trading volume was around $103,669,531.

Chainlink Soars

Favorable markets saw Chainlink maintaining upsides. The recent data confirmed that LINK added around 1.12% within 24 hours as it soared by 1.23% on its 7d chart. While writing this content, LINK traded at $5.98. The alt has a market cap of $3,040,212,632. Its daily trading volume is $144,872,723.

Final Thought

The overall crypto space witnessed a growth trend over recent hours. Bitcoin and other alt recorded improvements as ETH dipped. Meanwhile, the enhanced bias triggered upticks in the global market capitalization, with the metric pushing to $812.01 billion.