Cybersecurity Firm Norton Has Added Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Norton cybersecurity firm has initiated a unique feature to facilitate the customers, by its platform, to mine cryptocurrency safely. Norton Crypto’s launch, a unique feature to work in association with the parent software Norton Cybersecurity, was announced by the company on 2nd June. Initially, beginning from June 3, the users will be invited by the firm for the mining of Ethereum.

The company stated in the announcement that Norton presents its customers with a reliable and secure way for Ethereum’s crypto mining on their devices without creating any danger. It mentioned further that there are some dangers of using personal computers for mining, for example, installation of ransomware or malware and security program’s disabling. It further disclosed that the earnings of crypto miners are usually stored straight on their hard drives meaning that it could cost the loss of digital wallet should the drive stops working. Additionally, the company announced that after earning cryptocurrency, the consumers would be able to transfer it to their Norton Crypto Wallet or even track it. As it is stored in the cloud, the earning cannot be lost.

Protected Mining of Ethereum

After changing its name to NortonLifeLock, the firm is broadening its dimensions of security to shield the constantly developing digital whereabouts of the users. The chief executive officer (CEO) of NortonLifeLock, Vincent Pilette, explained that there is a vital role played by cryptocurrencies in our routine lives on a vast level. He further revealed that because of the prevalence of cryptocurrencies all around the world, being every person’s economy, Norton will assist its consumers by providing them with a platform that can be trusted.

Development in ETH mining

It seems that mining Ethereum is not the end to Norton mining because it is not much profitable for some time. Nowadays, an Ethereum block requires a much larger hash rate than it needed initially. That is why joining a cloud mining, or a mining pool is a regular choice currently.

Furthermore, the shortage of semiconductors at the world level has increased computer hardware prices to a high level. In this situation, the mining services that are based on the specific platform are likely to expand for being user-friendly.

The mining service of Ethereum will soon be accessible to all Norton consumers. Moreover, the company disclosed that there might be a need for particular personal computer hardware to use this service.