Crypto Portfolio Review – Is Crypto Portfolio Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?

Crypto Portfolio Review

Crypto Portfolio logoYou are reading this review which means that you are eager to know about Crypto Portfolio because it is a reliable online brokerage platform. It has earned a good reputation in a very short time with the help of technology. Completely read this in-depth Crypto Portfolio review to know which types of features are being offered by this broker.

Overview Of The Broker

Crypto Portfolio is a broker famous for its Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related services. For various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, it offers leveraged trading. But Crypto Portfolio is not restricted to cryptocurrencies only. At the same time, it is offering other trading instruments like forex, shares, commodities, and indices. It allows trading of CFDs (Contract For Differences) as well on all these trading instruments.

On paper, this brokerage platform has only three years’ experience as it was established in 2018. But in reality, it has more experience because its founders and managers have spent decades in the trading market and know what to do to survive in this market. Crypto Portfolio has created a strong impression in the market in a very short time. It started its services from a few countries, but now it has expanded its coverage area to over 150 countries of the world.

It has created such a robust trading environment that enhances the capabilities of its traders. It is not just safe and secure, but it is efficient as well. It has given supreme importance to security protocols and never takes a risk in this regard. CFDs trading and lots of other features make Crypto Portfolio worth describing.

Now I will move the review forward and discuss some of the most prominent features of Crypto Portfolio in detail.

The Trading Platform

Among all the features offered by a broker, the most important feature, in my opinion, is the trading platform. I say this because, without a good trading platform, all other features become useless. A trading platform is a software that helps traders to execute trades, draw conclusions and monitor the entire market by sitting in one place. Those traders who prefer a good trading platform never miss any opportunity, while on the other hand, those who compromise on a trading platform barely meet both ends.

Keep in mind that the trading platform you chose should be fast and efficient while executing trades. If you select an average trading platform that is sluggish, then it can prove an anchor for you. If you surely want to make your trading career flawless, then select a broker with an amazing trading platform. Earning a good reputation and user experience from the very beginning of the career is essential to survive in the online trading market. And you will definitely not want to endanger this possibility because of a terrible trading platform. The reason behind telling you these things is that you should be aware of the importance of trading platforms and become careful while making a decision.

The administrators of Crypto Portfolio know and understand the importance of a trading platform and its role in the life of a trader. Hence it has vowed to provide its users a really good trading platform by using which traders feel ease and convenience while executing trades. The trading platform of Crypto Portfolio matches the requirements of all the newbies, armatures, professionals, and expert traders. Crypto Portfolio has become able to maintain the efficiency of its trading platform only because of the use of state-of-the-art technology, which is powerful and reliable at the same time. The most prominent characteristics of this trading platform are low latency, ultra-fast trading, on-time execution, and a user-friendly interface. In addition to these, many trading tools are also available on this platform. The most important tools are a calculator, economic calendar, daily market news, and price change predictions.

Another important advantage of Safe Holding’s trading platform is that it can be used on mobile as well with equal results. This trading platform is web-based which means that it only requires a web browser to start working. You can use any browser to open this website, such as firefox, chrome, or opera.

Safe Holdings trading platform

Asset Index Of The Broker

When you become a hundred percent sure that you want to pick trading as your long-term career, then you should do proper research and homework before selecting a broker. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy broker is really important because it is a matter of money. You should analyze every feature of the broker attentively. In online trading, there are a lot of things that demand attention, and you should never ignore them. Among many important things which should be evaluated analytically, trading instruments are the most important. Before finalizing a broker, you should take a deep look at the offered trading assets.

You are advised to go for a broker who offers plenty of trading instruments to choose from. If a broker only offers one or two trading instruments, it means that it is a below-average broker. Another thing that you should notice in this regard is that how many assets are being offered in every trading instrument. If a broker offers various trading instruments but with limited assets, it also means that the broker is not a good one. You may not be able to understand this logic for now but keep in mind that when you get settled, you will want to trade various assets and instruments at one time to expand your portfolio. But imagine if at that time, your broker keeps you at a limit, then you will be really disappointed. This is why I want you to select a broker who gives you hundreds of assets in every single trading instrument. It is far better to select wisely instead of making a hasty decision and regretting all life.

All these above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled by Crypto Portfolio. It is a broker that gives access to all top-rated and lucrative trading assets. Crypto Portfolio possesses a wide variety of trading products, and every product contains multiple trading assets.

The first trading instrument offered by Crypto Portfolio is cryptocurrencies. This lucrative trading instrument has gained unparalleled popularity during the recent few years. As a result of increasing individual and institutional interest, more and more people are turning towards digital currencies. You can trade all famous digital currencies on this platform and make your dreams come true. Bitcoin is the master of all other coins as it is the first decentralized digital currency and Crypto Portfolio provides its customers this opportunity to trade Bitcoin as well. It is true that Bitcoin is the oldest digital currency, but it doesn’t mean that other cryptocurrencies don’t have potential. There are many other cryptocurrencies that also possess strong potential for growth. The list of available altcoins on this platform is very long which contains some famous names as well, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Binance.

The second most important trading instrument is Forex trading. Almost every trader trades foreign currencies at the initial or later stages of his career. The overall volume of yearly forex trading is hundreds of millions of dollars. With so much importance, it is impossible for good brokers to exclude it from their trading index list. Being a well-reputed brokerage platform, Crypto Portfolio also allows its traders to trade this profitable trading instrument. You will be given the option to trade any of the world-famous forex pairs on this platform.

The third trading instrument being offered by Crypto Portfolio is commodities. It allows trading of both the soft and hard types of commodities. On Crypto Portfolio, you can trade all famous commodities such as Gold, Oil, Natural gas, and food items. Being the oldest trading instrument in the world, Commodities feel reliable and easy to beginner traders. The last option of trading instruments is indices. Here, you can trade all the famous indices such as S&P 500, ASX 200, NASDAQ 100, and NIKKEI 225.

Convenient Registration Process

The clients of Crypto Portfolio possess a different level of experience and are categorized as beginners, professionals, and experts. Experienced traders know how to fill forms, but newcomers usually get stuck in this step. Due to this reason, Crypto Portfolio has kept its registration form short and simple, which is why it only involves a few steps. When you open the website of this broker, you will see a ‘Register’ button. You will have to click this button to open the registration form. The registration form will require some basic information from the customers according to the platform’s standard security protocol and Know Your Customer policy. This basic information includes name, email address, contact number, and address. You should keep in mind that you must be eighteen years or more in order to register yourself with Crypto Portfolio. After submitting the form, you will be moved towards the next step, which is a selection of suitable accounts. Currently, citizens of the United States of America are not allowed to register on the platform.

Multiple Types of Trading Accounts

To match the needs and requirements of every type of trader, Crypto Portfolio has created five different types of trading accounts. A higher number of available options makes selection easy for traders. The accounts are named Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. The initial deposit limit and features of all these accounts differ from each other. Now I will tell you the features of these accounts in detail separately.

  • Silver Account

Most of the online brokerage platforms keep their attention towards professional traders because they invest more money. But Crypto Portfolio is not like them because it knows and understands that beginners need more time and attention. Crypto Portfolio gives newbies proper time and training to make them confident. Silver account is created keeping this particular reason in mind.

Silver account is a low-cost account available for all and sundry. The minimum deposit required for this account is only 10,000 €. This account is not just affordable, but it also boasts no markups. You will be given the owner of the account instantly without any delay when you will deposit the initial deposit. In this account, customer support will be available 24/6 and with a leverage of up to 1:20. Although you will be depositing a small amount, you will still be given a 20 percent welcome bonus on your initial deposit. Another important feature of this account that proves vital for beginners is trading signals. In addition, withdrawals are approved within a week.

  • Gold Account

Gold account is suitable for those traders who want to fix spreads. Beginner traders can also open this account if they have the required resources. The difference between this account and the previous one is that it offers some additional features which make trading easy. The minimum deposit limit for a Gold account is exactly double of a Silver account. It means that you will have to deposit at least 20,000 €. But if you have more money and want to invest more, then you can deposit according to your own choice.

The most attractive features of this account are quarterly dividends and leverage of 1:40. An account manager is also provided, which reduces the workload of the trader. Other features of this account include daily market news, one weekly managed session, trading signals, and price alerts.

  • Platinum Account

The third account offered by Crypto Portfolio is the Platinum account. This account is offered to keep in mind the needs of intermediate traders who have remained successful in the beginning phase of their careers. More fascinating features are included in this type of accounts. Flexible bonuses are offered in this account, and the leverage is kept at 1:60. This account can be opened by depositing a minimum of 100k pounds. In exchange for this money, you will be given astonishing features such as access to premium trading rooms, an executive account manager, and a welcome bonus of 60 percent.

  • Diamond Account

Crypto Portfolio has created this account to further elevate the trading experience of professional traders. You can be one of Diamond’s account holders if you deposit 200k pounds as an initial deposit. In this account, all the premium features get unlocked. In this account, your withdrawals will be cleared within a couple of days. 1:100 leverage is provided, and an 80 percent welcome bonus is also awarded. In addition to all these features, four weekly managed sessions are provided.

  • VIP Account

As the name suggests, this account is created for special traders who belong to the elite class and possess experience in the relevant field as well. This is the most costly account of this broker, which can only be opened if you deposit 0.5 pounds. The owners of this account are given access to the VIP mentorship program as well as the premium trading room. Daily managed trading sessions are arranged for them as well. The leverage stays at 1:150 for the VIP account of Crypto Portfolio.

Security Features Of Crypto Portfolio

The provision of security to traders is without any doubt a responsibility of the broker. Crypto Portfolio is fulfilling this responsibility in a very good way. It provides security to both the investment and the personal information of its clients. The security measures and policies of Crypto Portfolio provide ease of mind to its traders and boost their confidence. To stop the entry of unauthorized persons, it has implemented 2 Factor Authentication in addition to the standard KYC policy.

To eliminate the risk of data leakage, Crypto Portfolio uses advanced encryption technology named 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. This software encrypts the data under multiple protective layers making it impossible to decode.

In addition to these two steps, there is a third security measure as well on this platform. Crypto Portfolio tracks the transactions to make sure that the money never reaches any terrorist organization. The owners of Crypto Portfolio are strictly against terror funding which is why they have implemented AML policy which stands for Anti Money Laundering.

Customer Support service

Although Crypto Portfolio has provided each and every feature and traders don’t find the need to contact the broker, but it has still provided a robust customer support service for its traders. Whenever traders feel the need to contact the broker, they can contact it because its representatives remain available 24 hours a day. The customer support team is properly trained to handle every type of problem in the shortest possible time.

You can contact the broker by using different communication mediums such as telephone, email, and by filling the contact form. All these three options are available on the official website of Crypto Portfolio.

Final Verdict

All the features and services of this amazing trading platform have been designed using state-of-the-art technology. From trading instruments and account types to security measures and customer support, in every step, it has tried to provide multiple choices to its traders. I have covered every feature of Crypto Portfolio, and now it is your decision to make.

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