Chainlink Hits Record All-Time High Figure

Chainlink has continued its massive surge in the crypto market, and its investors and traders would have a big smile on their face with the latest feat that the digital asset just achieved. According to various digital exchanges, Chainlink has seen a massive rise of 15% under a day to top well around the $25 price mark.

With this new price that the digital asset just recorded, it has created another record, smashing the previous one held in the process. Core link investors, also known as Link Marines, were no doubt convinced that the coin was going to hit that figure after it flitted around the $22 and $23 price region last week Monday and the day after.

Chainlink has seen a surge of 1300% since the start of the year

Presently, Link’s price is around the $25.13 price mark after setting a new price record of $25.45 some hours earlier, recording a recent market capitalization of above $10 billion in the process. Despite the digital asset making it big in the past few days in the crypto market, experts have warned that the digital asset’s movement is similar to that of the Link Marines. The experts talked about the volatility that encompassed the digital asset on its way to smash the previous record and set a new one.

Around the beginning of the new year, Link investors were in joyous moods after the digital asset created a new record of $21 around January 15. However, their joy was short-lived as the digital asset saw the bears take over hours after making the all-time figure to make a decline of 20%.

While much of the market was focused on Bitcoin and the bull run, it sustained from last year to hit its all-time figure; only a small part of the market population, considered Chainlink who saw a massive 1300% price surge as we entered into the new year to move from selling at around $1.77 to its lastest price of around $25.

Bitcoin continues its decline in the market

Bitcoin has been barely hanging on in the digital asset market as the leading digital asset also experienced a bearish run to drop back to the figures that were last seen days before we entered the new year. Even though it is volatile at present, the digital asset has spent much of the days of last week around the $28,000 price mark.

While it looks like Bitcoin is the only one making the headlines for its bullish run, its compatriots, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, are also in the business of making declines as both of them have witnessed a considerable decrease in the past week. Both coins’ trend is coming off the back of the recent 15% loss that was suffered by the digital assets in the past few weeks.

According to the market cap, Polkadot, the digital asset that just cemented its place as the fourth crypto in the market, has seen a small increase to establish its stay in the top 5 of the market cap. According to the market cap, Aave and Tezos have also seen rapid rises in the market to register their space in the top 20 digital assets.

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