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Cambridge Asset Management Review

Cambridge Asset Management logoCryptocurrency trading is still a relatively new concept. While the first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, people didn’t take it seriously until a few years ago. This digital currency was mostly unregulated and used in illegal activities due to its decentralized nature. Therefore, people were hesitant in investing in it. But, in 2017, Bitcoin rose to an all-time high and took worldwide markets by surprise. From then on, cryptocurrency became a whole new trading instrument and people began to explore many options other than Bitcoin as well. These days, many people wish to trade cryptocurrency because it is known to have a lot of potential.

Getting started with crypto trading is not that difficult. It is not that different from other kinds of trading. The first step is for you to find an online broker. There are numerous forex brokers that also give people the chance to trade cryptocurrencies and you can also find brokers who specialize in crypto trading. If you intend to focus only on cryptocurrencies, it is recommended that you opt for the latter option. Brokers who are solely dedicated to crypto trading provide a lot more options and features that are better suited for this form of trading.

But, even then, you have to be very careful in your choice because there have been numerous brokerage scams and many people have had their funds stolen or their identity compromised. If you are looking for a trustworthy and safe crypto trading broker, Cambridge Asset Management will be the right fit. Why? This is because the broker has everything that a crypto trader will require and they will not have to switch brokers because of lack of features or tools. Highlighted below are some of the various offerings of Cambridge Asset Management:

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Versatile Trading Platform

The first thing that any trader will check in a broker is the trading platform they provide. Why? The trading platform is what you will use for conducting your trades. If it is difficult to use or a major learning curve is involved, it can take a lot of your time and make it difficult for you to execute your transactions. Cambridge Asset Management has provided its global clientele with a web-based trading platform that’s incredibly easy to use and is also quite versatile. Since it is web-based, you can use it on any device that boasts a browser and is connected to the internet. You are saved from the hassle of having to download and install a trading platform.

The broker has designed the trading platform to be very responsive and every single transaction is conducted in real time and the changes are reflected right away. All tools are easily accessible and the user-interface offers a smooth experience to every trader, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. As the platform is web-based, you don’t have to worry about updating it or installing security patches as the broker will be responsible for its performance. In addition, the platform’s performance will not depend on your device and you can access it on any device you want, via the Cambridge Asset Management’s website.

Extensive Cryptocurrency Index

It is true that most people get attracted to the crypto market due to the success enjoyed by Bitcoin, but there are various other cryptocurrencies that are just as profitable. As a matter of fact, you require a huge capital for trading Bitcoin whereas the other options are a lot cheaper and more suited to smaller budgets. Trading cryptocurrency through Cambridge Asset Management gives you access to some of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, amongst others. The broker adds only those crypto coins that have been thoroughly tested for their robustness and profitability. Unreliable projects that are unable to pass security tests are not offered on the platform for the security of traders. Thus, when you want to spread out your crypto investment to those other than Bitcoin, you will find plenty of options available on Cambridge Asset Management.

Easy Registration

An appealing feature of Cambridge Asset Management is that they have kept the registration feature quite straightforward and easy for traders. You only need to share your full name, email address, password, phone number and the asset you wish to trade. Your registration will be done instantly and you can go on to choosing an account in order to begin trading.

Various Account Options

You have to open an account with a broker in order to get started with crypto trading. This account is where you add your money, make withdrawal requests and conduct transactions. Like many other broker, Cambridge Asset Management also has some minimum deposit requirements, but these vary for different accounts. The broker has worked on its account options to create six, each of which have some unique features designed to work for a different kind of trader. You can study each option and then decide which account type is more suited to you. You will also need to choose the currency you wish to use for trading. Three options are available, which are the US dollar, Euro and Great Britain Pound. The details of each account are mentioned below:

Basic Account

A minimum deposit of 250 is required to open the basic account. You can make this in the account currency you have selected. It is for those traders who have just entered the market and have absolutely no previous experience in crypto trading. You will receive price alerts and Daily Market Review in this account and can also get 24/6 customer support. It also provides access to Cambridge Asset Management’s education center and also Pro Webinars. Traders also benefit from a Welcome Bonus of 30% in this account.

Beginner Account

As the name suggests, this account type is for beginner traders who have some basic experience in trading crypto. Cambridge Asset Management gives an opening bonus of 40% to traders who open this account with a deposit of 10,000. All features of the basic account are available with this one, with the addition of a Junior Account Manager.

Medium Account

This account type is developed for traders who have gained some experience in crypto trading and a Welcome Bonus of 60% is also granted. The deposit requirement of this account is a bit higher at 25,000, but it is still lower than what other brokers in the market ask for. This account type replaces the Junior Account Manager with the Senior Account Manager as the trades get more advanced here.

Advanced Account

You have to deposit a minimum of 50,000 for opening an Advanced account with Cambridge Asset Management and you will receive a Welcome Bonus of 70%. It is for experienced traders who have developed some skill in crypto trading and can afford to invest more. A VIP account manager is provided to assist them in doing so.

PRO Account

The name of this account says it all; with a deposit requirement of 100,000, it is designed for truly professional traders who have a very high trading volume. They also get a higher Welcome Bonus at 80% and can enjoy all features that Cambridge Asset Management has to offer to its traders.

VIP Account

This is the last account option that Cambridge Asset Management has to offer to its clients and it is only given to exclusive clients. There is a certain criteria that has to be fulfilled in order to qualify for this particular account. If you want to know what they are, you can get in touch with your account manager for more details.

Any of these account types can be chosen, depending on what level of experience you have or whether you are new to the world of crypto trading. You can also consider how much you are willing to invest before you sign up for an account.

Convenient Banking Options

Being able to add funds so you can trade easily or withdrawing the profits you have earned should be fast and easy. But, the problem is that while most brokers make deposits quick, withdrawals are made immensely difficult. This can be extremely frustrating for traders because it means that they cannot get access to the profits they have made. If you cannot get your money, what is the point? Cambridge Asset Management understands exactly how that feels and so they have provided their clients with convenient banking options for both deposits and withdrawals.

You can use bank wire transfer, Visa or MasterCard or go with crypto coins for adding or taking funds from your account. As mentioned above, the minimum deposit that can be made is 250, but a trade can be opened with as little as 10 in the chosen currency. This is particularly beneficial for newbies and beginners because it means that they don’t need to have a lot of capital for trading. Deposits are instant with cards, but bank wire transfers need processing time. As for withdrawals, a minimum limit of 100 is applicable and requests require approval. It should be noted that the account or cards should be in the same name as the account holder on Cambridge Asset Management or else the request will be denied. This is for security reasons.

Top Notch Security

For every trader, security is of the utmost importance because we have all heard stories about people having their information compromised. The consequences are disastrous and something you want to avoid. Cambridge Asset Management is aware of the complications and wish to create a safe trading environment for its customers. Therefore, it has several security measures in place for making it happen. First off, it doesn’t allow just anyone to sign up on its platform. The KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is in effect, which means documents showing proof of identity and address have to be submitted in order to open an account. Only when the identity has been verified can you make transactions from your trading account.

Next, Cambridge Asset Management uses top notch security technologies for protecting every single piece of information provided by clients. All data is encrypted right away and it does not store any credit card numbers or other sensitive details. The highest grade SSL encryption is used for keeping the data away from prying eyes. No information is shared with an outside party without the permission of the trader. As far as your funds are concerned, the broker keeps them in segregated accounts and doesn’t use any of your assets for their own purpose. In fact, there is also an insurance policy available, thanks to Cambridge Asset Management’s membership of the Financial Commission. Under this policy, every trader will be provided with compensation of about $20,000 in case the broker goes bankrupt. These funds are also kept in a separate account.

In-depth Education Center

The education and knowledge a trader has regarding cryptocurrency and tis trading rules can have a huge impact on their success in the market. This is a volatile asset and it should not be traded unless you have some basic knowledge. You should also note that the basics only get you through the door; in order to succeed and profit, you need to expand on your knowledge. Cambridge Asset Management gives its clients access to in-depth resources via its education center to ensure they can get it. Videos, e-books and webinars all cater to traders in order to help them in developing winning strategies.


The team behind Cambridge Asset Management is a group of former traders due to which they have a clear understanding of what every trader wants. They have used this understanding to launch a broker that can provide them with everything required to make solid trades in the crypto market. From numerous assets, multiple account types to various trading tools and excellent customer support, you will find what you want with Cambridge Asset Management and will be able to trade the cryptocurrency of your choice.

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