British Auction Company Opens Web3 Marketplace On Ethereum Blockchain

A London-based top auction firm, Christie’s, announces the launching of its web3 marketplace dubbed Christie’s 3.0. Christie’s 3.0 is built on Ethereum’s blockchain, and its primary focus will be on unique Non-Fungible Tokens. Meanwhile, its NFT transactions will be on-chain, and Ethereum will register all the transactions.

The Christie’s 3.0

To ensure optimized marketplace operations, Christie’s 3.0 will partner with Spatial, Chainalysis, and Manifold. Spatial is a metaverse platform, while Chainalysis is a top digital statistics firm. They are both New York-based. Manifold is, however, a young Artificial Intelligence firm. 

Similarly, they will incorporate taxation mechanisms on the blockchain to ensure no violation of regulations. Nicole Sales Giles, who is the sales director, expressed her excitement at the efforts put together by their team and partners to create the web3 place. She also assured customers would access unique collections on-chain and appropriately.

Meanwhile, 9 NFTs designed by an 18-year-old, top digital art designer would be auctioned first on the web3 version of the auction house. Also, her “Phases” works would be exhibited at New York’s Christie’s for one week, starting from the 27th of September.

Diana and Beeple were included in Fortune’s list of 50 most influential persons on the NFT apace.

Christie’s In The Web3 Space

The British auction firm’s first transaction in the virtual space was last year during the sales of the NFT work, which belongs to a top digital artist called Beeple. They sold the NFT work for $69M. Since then, the firm has focused on advancing its steps in the NFTs space.

Meanwhile, the firm established Christie’s Venture in July. The entity would operate as an in-house investment company aiming at three core areas. The first is Web3 which includes blockchain networks, non-fungible tokens, and digital assets.

The second area is art-related financial products, while the third is technological innovations that enhance the art world and make artists’ work more accessible.

Also, the auction firm entered an agreement with OpenSea to foster the curation of special NFT auctions. In its quest to go further into the web3 digital space, the firm plans on focusing only on NFT curation for now.

Nicole reveals that they plan on establishing an enabling environment that will expose NFT art lovers to the best NFT arts that top digital artists in the industry designed. She further stated that Christie’s 3.0 would help top digital artists express their voices using the Christie’s platform.

After the sales of Diana’s NFTs, the firm will focus on entering the web3 proper by gathering special NFT projects.