Why Bitech Max Is Your Best Option If You Are a New Trader

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Why Bitech Max Is Your Best Option If You Are a New Trader

Bitech Max logoStarting in the trading industry is not as easy as it might seem on the surface. There are a lot of things you learn with time and through the trial and error method. However, you can’t keep learning from your mistakes because you will be losing money with every unsuccessful attempt. For this reason, you have to make sure to pick the right broker right from the start. It seems that a lot of new traders from around the world prefer Bitech Max over other online brokers. They seem to be getting everything they want from Bitech Max.

Now, there are dozens of different things to consider before you finalize a broker. Why should you pick Bitech Max for your trading needs as a new trader? Let’s take a look at those reasons.

Bitech Max Gives You the Peace of Mind

The first thing you need as a new trader is the peace of mind. You don’t want to be dealing with things that keep your mind cluttered. This will make you lose your focus from learning how to trade. As a result, you will be losing a lot of money in unsuccessful trades. When you open your account with Bitech Max, you get the peace of mind from every feature offered to you. For example, the broker promises to keep your information safe through encryption. Your encrypted information is safe from any third party and unauthorized attacks.

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In addition to that, you want safety of your money. You want to make sure that your money is being kept in separate accounts, which is the standard of the industry. You will be glad to know that Bitech Max follows these standards strictly and your money goes into segregated accounts. There is KYC policy in place too when you sign up with this broker. You will have to provide your identification information when you sign up. The broker ensures with this policy that only you are using your information on its platform. If someone else tries to use your information to sign up, they will be caught instantly.

Last but not least, you have the anti-money laundering policy in place too. You can rest assured as a new trader that Bitech Max is completely safe as an online broker. Not only does it keep its financial transactions and trading practices transparent but also ensures that no one else uses its platform for any illegal means.

You Don’t Pay Unnecessary Commissions

You stepped into trading because you want to make money. You want to earn enough profits on your trades that you can enter bigger trades because of those profits. However, not every broker is going to give you this opportunity. In most cases, your broker will prevent you from making a lot of money from your trades. The best method that the broker has available is commission. Some brokers have huge commissions on your trades and that’s why your profits shrink significantly. As soon as you make some profit on your trade, the broker walks away with a big percentage of it.

You also have loose spreads that make many brokers get rich with time. A loose spread means that the broker will sell an asset at a much higher price than it will buy the same asset for. So, when you sell the asset to the broker, you will get only a small amount for it. On the other hand, if you buy this same asset back from your broker, you will be paying a huge spread on it. At the end of the day, it is your broker who makes the money while you do all the hard work. You will not have to face any such issues when you sign up with Bitech Max. This broker makes your life easy by cutting down on the commissions and making the spreads extremely tight.

Tight spreads ensure that you get the best return for your asset from the broker. On the other hand, you don’t even have to pay huge commissions when you sign up with this broker. Yes, there are some commissions but they are so negligible that they will not bother you at all. At the end of the day, you are going to take the bigger portion of your profit home because of these flexible policies from Bitech Max.

Deposits and Withdrawals Are Easier than Ever

When you become a regular trader, you have to make a lot of deposits and withdrawal from your online account. Withdrawing from or depositing money in your account should never be painful for a trader. However, it is true that many brokers make these processes a pain for the traders. They ask for huge commissions on deposits and withdrawals, which proves to be yet another way for them to make money. However, it is the trader who loses the money at the end. First, your money reduces to some extent because of the commission on your deposit. Afterwards, you have to pay a commission while withdrawing the money. Who is making money here: you or your broker?

When it comes to Bitech Max, you don’t have to pay any unnecessary commissions on your withdrawals and deposits. Not to mention, you don’t have to pay any penalties on your trades either. With many other online brokers, you have to pay some unnecessary fees and penalties to the broker when you execute a trade. In addition to that, you can withdraw money from your account for free for the first time in a month. You can also deposit money in your account without paying any commissions on the deposits. There will be some charges on the withdrawals but they don’t go into company’s account. These charges are associated with executing blockchain transactions.

In addition to these things, you will also love the fact that you can sign up without paying anything to the broker. In most cases, your brokers tell you that there are no charges, but still ask for your account information. Furthermore, some brokers do not let you sign up until you pay the minimum deposit for the account. Here, you don’t have to pay any amount for registration. Last but not least, you can deposit money into your account using your favorite methods. You can use your credit card from Visa or MasterCard or even Maestro to deposit funds in your account.

If you want things to be even safer, you can go with the bank wire transfer. You also have the option to deposit funds directly in your account in the form of digital coins. Yes, you can use your crypto wallet to transfer the digital coins directly into your online trading account.

The Trading Platform Makes Life Easier

As a new trader, you want to focus on trading as much as possible. You don’t want other things to keep your mind occupied. What can keep your mind occupied? First, if you are on a trading platform that changes shapes when you change devices, you will lose your concentration. You face such a scenario when you deal with downloadable software tools and trading platforms. Since the software has downloaded on your desktop computer, it will only be available on the desktop computer. If you want to trade from your smartphone, you will have to download a new trading application from your broker.

Moving from one trading platform to another can ruin your trading experience. You will have to learn the options over and over. You can never get used to the platform because you are using different ones. Not to mention, you might not even have the software available on all the mobile operating systems. Sometimes, your broker has the trading platform available on Android but not iOS. These compatibility issues can be a huge annoyance for new traders. However, you don’t have to deal with these issues when you sign up with Bitech Max.

Bitech Max has made sure to provide you with a web-based trading platform. The best thing about this trading platform is that you are not bound to use it from a particular device or operating system. The web-based trading platform can run on just about any device or operating system that you can think of. It is only related to your browser. If you have one of the major browsers on your device, you can use the trading platform with ease. The most important thing is that you will have the same trading experience no matter which device or operating system you are using. Even if you go to a different part of the world, you will still have the same trading experience.

The Asset Index Opens New Doors for Opportunities

You want to trade freely and pick the asset that you think makes sense to you the most. You should not be forced to pick a particular asset when you don’t want to. However, you do face the “forcing” scenario when you sign up with other online brokers than Bitech Max. They usually do not have a lot of cryptocurrencies in their asset indices and you have to pick from one of the available options. Usually, these brokers suffice with bitcoin and ethereum. There is no doubt that these are the biggest digital coins of the cryptocurrency market, but there are many other options as well.

When it comes to bitcoin, it has a huge value and many new traders are not even able to afford it. Furthermore, you are not always interested in these big cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of other small cryptocurrencies that seem promising in the future. The best options available to you right now include stellar, monero, ripple, bitcoin cash, litecoin, etc. You will be glad to know that you can find all of these cryptocurrencies on Bitech Max asset index. In fact, you will find hundreds of other cryptocurrencies as well. In the end, you can pick the digital coin that you think you will be easily able to afford.

Having so many options for trading is great for old and experienced traders as well. When you are a true investor, you want to diversify your portfolio. You don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket because of the increased risks associated with this approach. Many trends in the cryptocurrency market show that some digital coins go up in value when others come down. You can always use this see-saw effect for hedging. However, you can only do that when your broker provides you with a big asset index with hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Only Bitech Max gives you these many options of trading within the cryptocurrency market.

The Support from the Broker for Easy Trading

You get full support from Bitech Max when you are a new trader on its platform. You need this support to enter the advanced and professional phases of your trading career. First, you will be given enough leverage to control big trades and make huge profits. At this moment, you can get a huge leverage of 1:5 on your cryptocurrency trading with this broker. In addition to that, you also have personal consultants included in the account you open with this broker. These personal consultants are always there to provide you with proper analysis of the market and tell you what action you should take.

You will also be receiving some trading signals when you sign up with Bitech Max. These trading signals come from the most reliable analysts on the market. You can use the trading signals to support your trading decisions. If you are able to find the right balance between trusting your analyses and the trading signals, you can enter successful trades frequently.

Final Thoughts

Bitech Max is doing a lot for the new traders. It has brought the most amazing features for cryptocurrency traders and provided them with enough flexibility on its platform so they can trade with confidence. It does not charge them any unnecessary commissions and even keeps the spreads pretty tight. New traders can sign up to get a huge leverage of 1:5 on their digital coin trading. They can also get help from personal consultants when they sign up with Bitech Max. Last but not least, they get access to the biggest asset index that any online broker can provide them with today.

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