Bitcoiner Allan Flynn Settles His First Complaint With ANZ

Allan Flynn, a Bitcoiner, has settled the first complaint thereof with the ANZ (Australia-and-New Zealand-Banking-Group) for being individually debunked during 2018 because of his position as a DCE (Digital-Currency-Exchange). Initially, the Canberra citizen filed complaints under the Administrative Tribunal and ACT Civil against ANZ. It has been noted by ANZ in the respective settlement that it terminated his accounts because of the potential risk of terrorism funding and money laundering that is usually found being done between the exchanges. It additionally admitted that the move of Flynn’s unbanking could signify unlawful discrimination, which opposes sections 20 and 7(1)(p) of the 1991’s Discrimination Act.

Nonetheless, ANZ refuted any liability by stating that if the discrimination has been done in eliminating the account of the complainer by the company, then such circumstances make it lawful and reasonable in which it has been done. The statement also includes the acknowledgment of ANZ that a DCE activity was detected by it, on which it eliminated the account without having communication with Flynn to clarify the respective activities’ confirmation. Flynn figured out that discriminating against someone is illegal according to Canberra law, stating that due to one’s calling, occupation, trade, or profession, one cannot discriminate against him/her as it is unlawful.

Despite the completion of the initial battle, he is determined to take Westpac bank in front of the tribunal on the coming Thursday for another complaint. His bank account was shut down by Westpac during 2019 as it referred the similar concerns as stated by ANZ. Flynn mentioned that the case was much significant as it will first bring to the front the stance of banks whether they intend to facilitate Bitcoin (BTC) traders or not. He has the plan to refer to the violations of human rights being done by the banks in his case. He considers that it would be the right way to compel the authorities to make adequate policy changes across the nation or even on a global level.

His case is the most unique. Only in the previous month, Fintech Australia’s CEO “Rebecca Schott-Guppy,” inform the Senate about the debunking of her organization’s 91 members without an apparent means or cause to appeal. The AUSTRAC (Australian-Transaction-Reports-and-Analysis-Centre) has released growingly explicit rules since 2015 regarding the necessary operation and treatment of DCE under the law.