Bitcoin Trader Maintains $40.8k Bitcoins Target Price Despite Warning About Risk Investee ‘Pain Trade’

The Fed has had little impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Subsequent comments from the Reserve Bank and Chair Jerome Powell, and information from Cointelegraph Marketplaces Pro and TradingView affirmed a nighttime high point of $40,050 on Bitstamp.

The Federal Reserve of the United States raised key interest rates by 0.5 percentage points, confirming market expectations and implying that further increases would be forthcoming.

With that, a moderate business rally left Btc eerily turbulent, in stark comparison to prior Fed proclamations on subjects like inflation.

Although many anticipated risk assets, such as cryptocurrency, to fall in value as a part of the recent policy, not everybody anticipated that this situation would end up causing shareholders the most pain.

“With several people requesting meltings and breakdowns, perhaps the anguish commerce is to chop laterally.”

Similarly, Bitcoin enthusiasts didn’t foresee significant trend shifts. Jarvis Labs’ credential economics professor Ben Lilly emphasized the reduced funding prices on BTC derivative instruments.

“The market sighed with relief after Powell’s remarks. Will it, however, proceed in the crypto market? To begin, financing prices have indeed been bad for a long time. This usually occurs at range lows,” he decided to write in a Twitter message:

“A good foundation for any uptrend acceleration that starts here.”

However, Lilly added that a lack of buildup from humpbacks at today’s costs was “not really what we wished to see.”

“Max pain” for Cryptocurrency is still a ways away off

Concentrating on lower timelines, famous trader Crypto Ed predicted a recent initiative above $40,000 from May 5

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According to him, BTC/USD has been on track to reach $40,800, and although there were “plenty of purposes” to deduct a larger rise, it’s still a choice.

Meanwhile, in aspects of BTC cost acquiescence situations, the on-chain able to monitor asset Whalemap reaffirmed its original assertion that now the range somewhere around $25,000 or $27,000 will indeed represent “max pain” for Cryptocurrency holders.

“A lot of cash flow and cease losses are piled there,” it clarified in the Twitter comments.