Alfabtc Review – Is Alfabtc Scam or Satisfactory as a Broker?

Alfabtc Review

Alfabtc logoAlfabtc is an English brokerage firm that is providing its services all around the globe. It is constantly working on constructing an engaging platform that could help the traders become more self-reliant and efficient. The broker strives on improving the technology and trade facilities for its customers in order to create better profit opportunities.

It provides a user-friendly environment to the traders where they can conveniently trade with the broker and focus better on the ways to make more money. An elaborate Alfabtc review is given below that clarifies the objectives of the broker that makes it a reliable broker for the traders.

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Alfabtc, with its advanced security features ensures the safety of the customer’s credentials and assets. The broker issues the login ids and passwords along with the username to the customers. In case, if anyone forgets or loses the details, the team helps him in retrieving back the personal credentials. The new login details are provided after a full-fledged procedure.

If any external body tries to get the access to a customer’s account, the broker has got the complete right to take an immediate regulatory action against it.


Alfabtc, defines the charges policy for the customers initially at the time of signing in for the account. It charges a suitable fee from the customers for providing them the facility to trade through the advanced tools and instruments.

When the customer firstly withdraws the funds from the account, he is not charged any fee but after that for every withdrawal, the firm charges a minimal fee. However, Alfabtc does not charge any fee for the training sessions held for the customers or to get an access to their educational resources.

Trading Platform

Alfabtc provides an advanced web trading platform to the users equipped with all essential tools and features. it can be accessed by the traders in all parts of the world. The trading platform allows CFD trading where one does not sell or buy any real assets rather exchanges contracts only. These contracts are known as Contracts for Difference.

The traders buy or sell these contracts in the market. In this case, the trader does not possess any real asset rather just owns a contract. So, one can trade these contracts in the financial market according to his desire and earn profit. This is the reason that CFD trading is fascinating for the customers.

Alfabtc trading platform

Saving Accounts

Alfabtc does not offer any saving accounts to the customers. It does not return back any funds to the account holder for keeping the funds in the account for some specific time period, as banks owning saving accounts normally do. The customer funds are kept safely in the trading account they choose according to their requirement and get back the exact amount they had deposited initially.

In Accordance with AML and KYC Policies

Alfabtc has set its rules and guidelines in accordance with the AML and KYC policies. The customers should keep that in mind that the firm will provide no relaxation in case of any illicit activity detected by the higher authorities. The broker has got the right to suspend the accounts if the customer is caught being involved in any illegal scenario.

Better Trade Opportunities

To keep growing in the financial market, it is very important for a firm to provide the best facilities to its customers. Alfabtc, makes every possible effort to provide comfort to their customers. Their advanced tools and unique features add to the secured trading environment provided by them. The broker trains its customers about the financial industry and grants them the access to the trading platforms where they can trade globally and earn money.


Alfabtc has been recognized worldwide for its efficient services and policies designed especially according to the need of the customers. It has made a reputable place in the trading market through its admirable strategies and customer-friendly approach.

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