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In the current times when the entire world is in the state of emergency and the economy is currently experiencing deepest fall, everyone seems to be desperate as millions have lost their jobs/employments and hundreds have lost their businesses and are on the verge of losing all of their life savings. This is when internet has provided a platform to such people and saved them from losing their assets.

While many have been able to find themselves online jobs and some have been able to start businesses of their own, Online trading is the platform that has been the most beneficial for people who were eager to find a source of income and put food on their tables.

How Online Trading Lost its Reputation

For the past two decades, online trading has been providing people opportunities to invest their money and make profits and in the current situation, this platform has observed mass influx of investors that has resulted in the worth of online trading to shoot through the charts. Being overwhelmed with such a high influx of investors and investments that they make, many brokerages have ended up straying from the right path, have become greedy and are constantly in the state of depriving people of their hard earned life savings.

What was once considered to be a reputable and respectful profession has now taken the form of fraud and deceit. Majority of the brokerages have deviated from the path of providing their investors with the best services and are focused only in luring them to make and more deposits with promises that have no meaning or positive outcome. In such a short amount of time, the reputation and the standards of the online brokerages have fallen to the lowest levels ever.

As a result, people have grown discontent, stopped trusting in online brokerages and have started finding alternative sources of income. This has not only repelled many potential investors and future trading experts and gurus, but have affected the overall reputation of online trading brokerages, which has even resulted in many legit brokerages to stop their services and go vanish from the internet once and for all.

Why Online Trading Considers Ainvesting the Best Broker

In times like these when the entire internet community seemed discontent and concerned, it was Ainvesting that made its appearance as the Messiah with the sole purpose of retaining the reputation and trust that the online trading brokerages had lost along the way. This is something that was achievable only by providing investors the services, benefits, security and respect that they expected from online trading brokerages when they decided to invest.

In the beginning, it was something that was extremely difficult to achieve but with such hard work and dedication Ainvesting has been able to achieve this goal and has helped the entire online trading community in earning the same level of respect that this sector held in the past couple of decades.

Trading Accounts that Ainvesting Introduced

Just like other brokerages, it could’ve been really easy for Ainvesting to create a number of trading accounts to target investors from all the classes and make millions of dollars. However, Ainvesting stayed true to their goal and claims, took it upon itself to provide potential investors with services that they desired of getting.

Ainvesting’s Demo Account

If you were to trade with any other trading brokerage, you would have to pay thousands of dollars even if you want to get a hang of basics of the trading markets and get a hands on experience. However, Ainvesting took the liberty of introducing a demo account for their investors that they could register in order to learn the basics of trading, trade in the artificial trading environment but powered by the real-time trading events and trends.

The main reason behind this effort was to make sure that the investors could gain some experience and confidence by trading through an artificial platform and be able to make decisions without any hesitation or being dependent on others opinions.

Ainvesting’s Real-Time Trading Account

If you have already browsed through a number of brokerages on the internet, you must’ve come across the same kind of trend that they seem to follow when it comes to providing real-time trading accounts, which is 5-6 accounts for investors with different levels of experience and money that they can invest. However, the claims and benefits they offer to the investors are almost bogus.

However, Ainvesting counts all of their investors in the same ranks and provide their services no matter the level of experience or the amount of money they can invest. No matter they have a hundred or thousands or millions, Ainvesting wants to provide their investors with the most productive, educational, secure and profitable trading environment where they have the opportunity to interact with each other as well as the team of experts at Ainvesting that helps them enhance their trading experience and take it to the next level.

Ainvesting’s Long Range of Assets

If you go to any other online brokerage, you will hardly find any of them offering more than one trading instruments. Most of the times, other online trading brokerages only choose to provide their services in Forex as it is considered to be one of the most profitable and easy trading instruments in the history of online trading. However, Ainvesting provides their investors with a vast variety of products/instruments to trade and in turn, increase their chances of making huge cash:

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading refers to the buying, selling and exchanging of natural resources that are either grown through agriculture, drilled or mined from the surface of the earth. At present, some of the most popular commodities are gold, copper, crude oil, rice, wheat etc. In this process, the investors get to choose one instrument out of the hundreds that they have the option to do so, observe their value and price in the trading market and buy, sell or exchange them to earn profits based on the price differences.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is the process where the investors can buy & sell foreign currencies in the form of pairs. There are currently more than 70+ currency pairs to choose from in the forex trade and due to this, forex is considered the most volatile and liquid trade. As a result, forex currently towers over the shares & indices trades combined and its worth can be measured as it observes a total transaction volume worth $5 trillion per day.

Shares Trading

Shares is considered to be the most common and desirable trade among the investors as it is easier to understand and grasp even for the most novice traders. In shares, corporate companies go public, meaning that they put their company assets on sale for any common person to buy. This is a business tactic adapted by well renowned companies to generate revenue to meet their annual targets as well as gather funds to commence research and development programs to stay ahead of the competition. Here, the investors have the opportunity to buy these assets and sell them after a certain time to earn profits against the price difference of the assets.

Indices Trading

Indices trading is a bit complex as compared to shares as it represents the combined assets value of a group of companies. Like shares, indices trading does not involve buying of shares but to observe the rise or fall in the combined asset value of the group of companies under a particular index (group of companies) and call long or short positions to earn profits through the fluctuation in the assets value.

Cryto-Currency Trading

Crypto trading is considered to be the latest instrument in the online trading business. It involves the trading of e-currencies that are decentralized, meaning that they are neither ruled or government by a central body or headquarters and transactions are channeled directly between the sender and receiver through operating systems located anywhere throughout the globe. In crypto-currency, investors can choose a currency out of 1600+ currencies currently being traded, either mine them or buy and then sell or exchange them to make profits.

Ainvesting’s Trading Platform

Any effort or benefits provided by Ainvesting would go to waste if they were unable to provide their clients with a comprehensible and easy to learn trading platform. Unlike other brokerages who do not pay even the slightest of attention towards providing their clients with a unique trading platform, Ainvesting aims to do the exact opposite and in order to achieve this, they have gotten their hands on one of the most unique and popular trading platforms knowns as the WebTrader. This platform is popular not only for its intuitive and state of the art interface, but the limits it can reach to enhance the trading experience of their investors.

WebTrader is considered to be the dark horse in the race of online trading platforms and comes equipped with features and top notch tools such as built-in trading news bulletin, historical data reports access for any trading instrument, vast variety of charts, trending trading instruments reports, algorithmic trading, single-click execution, buy/sell start, buy/sell stop and many more features.

Furthermore, the most important factor of trading from WebTrader through Ainvesting is that the investors gain access to all the trading markets spread throughout the globe in more than one currencies, languages and withdrawal methods.

Mobile Trading App

I know I keep repeating the same thing over and over but I cannot help but mention how other brokerages only focus on depriving innocent investors of their hard earned money and hardly spend a single dime in facilitating them with a dependable and high-end trading platform.

On the other hand, Ainvesting has kept its motto intact by managing to integrate their trading platform into the mobile apps whether they are android or IOS. The reason behind this struggle was again to ensure that the investors could trade with ease and from wherever they want. All they would need is a stable internet connection and their credentials to log into the trading platform and start making bucks.

Tablet Trading App

If you are not surprised of Ainvesting providing their trading platform on the smartphones, you will be surprised to know that Ainvesting has completely knocked it out of the park by managing to provide investors the same trading experience and ease through Tablets by developing WebTrader app that is compatible with any tablet. This is again with aims to facilitate every investor in any way possible which in turn attracts more and more potential investors to Ainvesting. This attempt has not only proven useful for Ainvesting, but also for the entire online trading community.

Ainvesting’s Support Features

For Ainvesting, it is extremely important that every investor trading through their brokerage is well versed and knowledgeable of the online trading trends as well as instruments so they can make the most out of them in the real-time trading markets and increase their chances of earning. Therefore, in order to tackle this situation, Ainvesting has made support features’ content available on their website to make sure that the investors are atleast aware of the basics:


If one thinks that online trading revolves around a few trading rules and regulations with a minor amount of details to care to, they are only dreaming because in order to fully grasp the trading markets, one must of aware of a large number of terms being used in the online trading world. Otherwise, the investors would feel left out and the only thing that they would be left doing for a while would be wondering what a pip means or what a spread mean.

But rest assured, Ainvesting is completely aware of the importance and impact of one knowing such terms and abbreviations, dedicating an entire glossary page that the potential as well as registered investors can refer to if they want any of their trade related questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I remember my first time when I was completely new to the term: Online Trading and so looked forward to someone helping me out to figure out what I had to look for in order to get started with my first trade. It took me a while before I got used to the online trading basics and tricks and most of all, the terms and abbreviations that were being used. However, there were still many things unanswered and then I finally found Ainvesting who not only provided me with some basic level information around online trading, but also provide me with very useful insights that Ainvesting had gathered throughout their trading journey and advice on how things could be managed and most of all, the importance and protection of any asset.

Trading Info

While almost every online trading brokerage provide some information around the assets and instruments they can offer their clients, Ainvesting ensures that their investors are fully aware of the trading instruments by providing them detailed and thorough content that has proven to be very useful for traders as it opens up a lot of new concepts and opportunities for them and increase the chances of getting the potential customers onboard.

Educational Program Created Just for the Investors

After the careful analysis and study of the online trading markets, communities and individual behavior of the investors, Ainvesting has put together a very useful, intellectual and informative education program with the sole purpose of empowering investors in making their decisions on their own and not be dependent on anyone.

First in line of Ainvesting’s educational program is the online courses that they have put together that start from the basic education level of online trading and goes up to the pro-level trading courses. With the help of these courses, the investors can gain ample amount of knowledge and insights on each of the major trading assets as well as their instruments to make it easier and convenient for them to trade.

Second in line are the e-books that are written and shared by the online trading gurus and analysts who are tremendously skilled and knowledgeable with the online trading trends, maneuvers and processes. These e-books also carry the history and journey of these traders and analysts, telling how they made the silliest mistakes and made it out of them as well as actions that proved really beneficial and acted as the first building block to the skyscraper of their success.

Last but not least are the online webinars that are held on weekly, monthly and annual basis where online traders from around the globe but under Ainesting’s trading flag come together and share their achievements and good/bad trading experiences. This is done only to break the ice between investors who are too shy or hesitant to talk to others and share their good and bad trading experiences in order to learn from their mistakes and ensure never repeat them again.

Ainvesting’s Real-Time Customer Support

Just like corporate companies and big brands, Ainvesting is also aware of the criticality and severity of the feedback that the customers share with the online trading community and generally, most of the feedback given by consumers is about the real-time support that they get from the customer services. At Ainvesting, there is no compromise when it comes to their customers’ respect. Keeping this view in mind, Ainvesting has put together a team of highly skilled, professional and experienced customer support representatives who are available 24/5 if you wish to call and discuss your matter and 24/7 if you wish to discuss them through online chat.

The main reason behind having two mode of communications with the support team is to ensure that the clients never feel unguided and left to struggle when they are in desperate need of help and support. No matter you are connected to support member through phone or chat, the investors can rest assure that their query will not go unanswered. The support staff at Ainvesting is highly proficient and capable of handling the queries and concerns of their clients are also knowledgeable in the trading markets. However, if they establish that an issue is out of their scope or above their level of handling, they will promptly escalate it over to the relevant team and make you aware of further procedures.

Why Trading with Ainvesting is More Beneficial Than Others?

Now that every single thing has been laid out for you, it should not be a difficult decision to make, which brokerage you would want to trade with. In my opinion, the best investment that you would ever make in the online trading business is choosing Ainvesting over others as all the services, tools and benefits they have put together are for the well-being and success of their respected clients.

While other brokerages focus on getting their clients to invest more and more with zero profits or turnovers, Ainvesting is constantly on the track to provide their clients with a user-friendly trading environment, a secure channel to trade and connect with the global trading markets along with the guidance and assistance of the trading gurus, and advice from traders who are experts in the online trading with years of experience in their portfolios.

At the end of the day, choice is yours but mark my word, if you choose Ainvesting, you will never run out of instruments and assets that you can choose to trade from. After careful study of the trading markets and gathering feedback from their clients, they have realized the need of providing these many options to their clients, which in turn can increase their chances of making big bucks and fortunes.

Do You Have the Patience to Be an Investor

No matter how profitable and attractive the world of trading may seem, there is always a risk of you losing all your savings and fortunes that you have earned throughout your trading tenure and the sole behind this is the lack of interest and dedication towards ones investment. If you are not dedicated and patient enough, you will either end up losing all your assets/savings, or you will end up losing your patience and calm. By doing this, you will not only limit your earnings but will end up withdrawing your money and be at a loss so choose wisely before you end up regretting your decision.

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