After El Salvador, Bitcoin has Colombia’s President in Love with it

The people of Colombia recently voted for their new president in the form of Gustavo Petro in the year 2022 elections. Petro reportedly won with the majority vote in the Colombian presidential elections for 2022. One of the major reasons why he could be the top pick among the people of Colombia would be his love for cryptocurrencies.

Gustavo Petro Favors Cryptocurrencies

In the recent interviews and public speeches prior to the elections, Petro was never afraid of sharing his likeness towards cryptocurrencies. In the past, Petro has continued speaking highly of cryptocurrencies, and now, he has the opportunity of doing more for cryptocurrencies than just talking.

After replacing Ivan Duque Marquez, Petro will remain the president of Colombia for the next four years, beginning his tenure on August 7.

It was on Sunday when the results of the elections were announced and Petro was announced the new president of Colombia. It was back in 2017 when Petro spoke for the first time in favor of cryptocurrencies.

In December of 2017, as Bitcoin hit its (then) all-time high of around $19k, Petro was among the ones talking in favor of Bitcoin. Petro talked about the future of Bitcoin. He claimed that Bitcoin has the potential of shifting control from the hands of governments back into the hands of people.

Gustavo Petro is on the Same Page as NayibBukele

Before even running for the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro has continued supporting the decisions of NayibBukele. He even remarked on Bukele’s decision of using the volcanic power to mine cryptocurrencies by using it as energy.

His support extended for Bukele even when El Salvador presented the idea of legalizing Bitcoin in the country at the parliament. He even congratulated NayibBukele for the achievement and supported his ideas throughout the period.

Future of Bitcoin in Colombia after Petro’s Elect

After his appointment as the president of Colombia in August, the country’s people will have their eyes set on Petro. They would like to see how he will proceed with the adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins.

Colombia is already one of the most supportive countries of cryptocurrencies. The country is responsible for generating/contributing a strong trading volume in favor of cryptocurrencies on a monthly basis.

With Petro becoming the president, it is expected that he will also try his best to get Bitcoin and altcoins legalized just like Bukele. If that happens, then the usability of cryptocurrencies will become common in Colombia.

It will prove very advantageous for Bitcoin investors in the future as the value and valuation of Bitcoin will grow significantly.