A Virtual Experience For Saudi National Day Celebration

The Bold Group announces the 92nd Saudi National Celebration would take place in the Metaverse. The concept behind this is “Try a different National day experience.” This celebration will hold for two days, from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2022. 

The Team Behind The Event

The Bold Group is a group deeply invested in cultural activities and creatively driven to make the best user experiences. The bold group is engrossed with web3, virtual experiences, and the Metaverse concept. It is not surprising they took a leap and placed a celebration there.

A collaboration of Bold Group with King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Analysis is set to make this experience a reality. This partnership would make the Saudi culture accessible and educate the world on its cultural heritage.

The Metaverse is a virtual world with combined experiences that imports almost everything in the physical world to its realm. Users travel, meet, work, socialize, play games in this realm, and many more. You get connected with a device; some use the “Oculus” device to get access to this virtual world.

Being a new exciting technology, Metaverse has seen a rush of patronage from brands and companies. This patronage stems from entities working to deliver new and intriguing customer experiences. Recently a fashion brand, Puma, announced its first Metaverse sneakers.

The Event

In Saudi Arabia, the Bold Group is one of the first to adopt this virtual reality, activating this realm. The theme of this event is to bring value to the community, and this event would be a means to an end. This event would take place on the decentralized platform, “The Metaverse.”

It will entail different layers of Saudi’s culture in a museum, with each layer displaying a virtual representation of its culture. The dress code for the virtual world would be a tailored Saudi Attire inspired by different cultures of the country. These clothes would be available for visitors to wear for the event.

This experience allows visitors to tour the whole of Saudi Arabia just glued to one spot. Here, they get to see all the lovely places and everything Saudi Arabia has to offer via virtual teleporting. Explore its food, locality, art, museums, landmarks, and many more.

The Bold Group would issue proof of attendance to visitors to showcase their first virtual experience to the world. Saudi is invested in being a key player in anything technology or web3. It has one of the youngest and most enthusiastic populations interested in technology.