A Swedish Man Will Spend 15 Years In Jail For Stealing BTC Worth $16M

Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson, a Swedish citizen, was found guilty for tempting a minimum of 3,575 individuals into a deceitful investment scheme of Bitcoin (BTC). As pointed out by the investigation, the accused pilfered the digital assets valuing up to $16M through his illegitimate activities, and he will be sent to federal prison for the coming 15 years.

The Pension scheme revealed being a Bitcoin scam

It has been disclosed by the DOJ (department of justice) that Roger Nils Jonas Karlsson (a managing 47) stole from plenty of people via a usual Ponzi scheme during 2012 and 19. In this period, he persuaded over 3,500 people to deposit their BTC assets to him, which he utilized for his benefit afterward.

Nine years before, the criminal and his company (Eastern Metal Securities) began alluring the public toward a pension plan which he claimed to be pre-funded. He guaranteed his depositors to grant them the ultimate payment equal to the value of 1.15 kilograms which was approximately $45,000 at the given time.

Moreover, he offered some false statements to his victims and guaranteed that their deposits were in safe hands.

The scheme continually operated until he got arrested in 2019 by Thailand and soon deported to the United States. He figured out that all the acquired capitals were spent by him for his prosperity, including the purchases of luxurious condos, a racehorse, and even a resort.

The prison sentence of Karlsson could be longer; however, he accepted his guilt over the nine charges raised against him; therefore, a decreased period ranging over 15 years was specified for his imprisonment. The authorities of the United States commanded him to disclaim his Thailand resort as well as the other properties as included in the sentence. He is also ordered to restore a rough amount of $16 million, which he robbed from his sufferers.

12 years of imprisonment for purchasing deadly chemical weapon utilizing Bitcoin

A recent case has been reported about a person named Jason William Siesser (a citizen of Missouri) who attempted to buy a fatal chemical weapon through the Dark web utilizing Bitcoin. His intention behind the purchase was to put more than 300 people to death. Luckily, he was detected by the law enforcement authorities. However, he admitted his guilt for the charges leveled against him and was decreed with a sentence of 12 coming years in prison.