A Japanese Mayor Interested in Web3 Visits Ripple’s Headquarters in San Francisco

After a long period of upsets, things have finally started to get back on track for Ripple. People from all over the world already recognized the potential and technological reach of Ripple.

However, the feud with the US SEC had pushed people back as they wanted to stay away from trouble themselves. As things have started to go in favor of Ripple, it has started expanding itself all over the world.

Similarly, people from all over the world have started to reach out to Ripple in order to benefit from the knowledge and power it has to offer them.

Japan Supported Ripple during the Harshest of Times

Even when Ripple faced the worst time in 2021, Japan was among the countries that continued supporting Ripple.

One of Japan’s largest conglomerates, SBI Group also supports Ripple. As the dark clouds have started to disappear for Ripple, it seems that more support has started coming from Japan.

A Japanese Mayor Pays a Visit to Ripple HQ

Ripple recently revealed that a mayor from one of the largest cities in Japan paid a visit to their headquarters in San Francisco.

The visit was very promising as it was carried out with aim of strengthening ties between Japan and Ripple.

It was last week when Emi Yoshikawa posted a picture of her standing right next to Mayor Soichiro Takashima. She posted the picture from her Twitter profile and it was well received by Ripple and Yoshikawa’s followers.

Emi Yoshikawa is the Vice President of Operations and Strategy at Ripple while Soichiro Takashima is the mayor of Fukuoka, a major city in Japan.

Soichiro Takashima’s Vision for Web3

The reason why Takashima has visited Ripple is that he wants the latter to provide support and information surrounding Web3.

In recent years, Takashima has shown great support for Web3 and he has continued advocating for the technology.

In terms of Web3 adoption, Takashima seems to be on the same page as the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida.

The purpose behind Takashima’s Visit

The true purpose behind Takashima visiting Ripple HQ was to discuss Web3. Ripple’s spokesperson confirmed that initially, Takashima was given information about Ripple, and then they discussed the Web3 technology at length.

Takashima is a pro when it comes to blockchain technology and he is a strong supporter of Web3 technology. On several occasions, the Fukuoka Mayor has shown interest in bringing Web3 to their city.

The purpose of the Mayor’s visit was true to discuss the possibility of adopting Web3 technology in their city. Multiple initiatives based on Web3 technology were discussed.

This is a strong indication that Ripple is going nowhere and it has a strong standing, especially in the Asian region.